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Pinball wizards: PCRD tops EMRD in hard-hitting scrimmage.

25 Mar


Saturday’s scrimmage resembled a big pinball machine: lots of things being hit and plenty of points piling up on the board. At the end of a very physical contest, Port City Roller Derby’s Breakwall Bombshells held off Enchanted Mountain Rollerderby’s Hellbilly Heartbreakers 301-229.

Playing the Heartbreakers means expecting hard hits, and many of them. Both teams laid the lumber from the beginning to the end of the game, and we expect many bruises and some stiffness lingering past the weekend. But they will all be badges of honor for such a dynamic scrimmage. It was pretty much non-stop action, as the score indicates, penalties and power jams helping drive up the score for both teams. Would have been an excellent public bout, but we all appreciated the learning experience and effort. The two teams will play in Olean on June 1 for public bout, and should be well worth watching.

A big hearty thank you to the Heartbreakers — also great to see you enjoy our potluck afterparty at Avery’s — as well as the refs, NSOs and others who helped on Saturday. As even though it was a scrimmage and practices will continue to focus on things we can improve, we hope the Bombshell skaters take a moment to enjoy some pride for the hard-earned win.