Port City Roller Derby would like to give individual shout-outs to our members who have made this league what it is.  Each skater has answered a few questions about themselves for you to get to know them better.

We kick this series off with Rue B. Revolver, our 2013 Co-Captain who is retaining her title and will also be one of our 2014 Co-Captains!

2013 Co-Captains Rue B. Revolver and Certified Public Assassin ham it up for the camera!

2013 Co-Captains Rue B. Revolver and Certified Public Assassin ham it up for the camera!

Skater Name and number: Rue B. Revolver #22

Derby wife: Single, with many mistresses

Real name: Kimberly Snyder

Age: 31

Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Currently Oswego NY , but being a Navy brat, I have lived in Florida, Minnesota, Washington, and Connecticut

Boring ‘Real Life’ job: Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician

Fun PCRD Jobs/ Responsibilities: League Liason, Scheduling Chair/Secretary, Co-Captain

When id you join PCRD and why?  I joined PCRD June 2011.  I was freshly divorced and my family had moved away.  I was looking for something to call my own.  I needed something new and different in my life, something positive, something motivating, and most of all…family and acceptance.

‘Real Life’ info you would like to share: Met my new and wonderfully perfect, loving, and supportive husband through joining PCRD.

Favorite derby memory: Being tricked into taking my final minimum skills test, the infamous 25 in 5, by the entire team.  Coach had told everyone to get on the track and that we will all be attempting the test, but that they had to stay at MY lead.  I didn’t really understand why, but went along anyway.  After about lap 5, I looked behind me.  The entire team, except two people (my coach and my future co-captain) were left on the track.  I was so focused on the task at hand that I didn’t notice a dozen other skaters sitting on the sideline cheering me on silently.  Sneaky little brats!


Dislikes: Disorganization.  I am kind of an OCD organization freak.  Also, fake people.  Be true to yourself or you will never be whole.

Fun fact: I am a karaoke fanatic!  Despite my quiet and timid, socially awkward nature, I get lost in the music.

Advice for new skaters/members: NEVER compare your skating abilities to others whom you believe are better than you. There is always someone thinking the same thing about you!  Use your desire to improve and motivate!

Favorite quote: “Music produces a kind of pleasure that which human nature cannot do without.”


And finally, here are some kind words that some of Rue B’s teammates have about her:

“Powerful, quick, and a DVOted leader.  You are a model for others to strive to be like.  Your kindhearted attitude is contagious.” – Refpocalypse #333

“Rue B. Revolver has shined as a true leader.” – A Little Witchy #1995